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Chip, Pin & Contactless

Chip, Pin & Contactless

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Attractive and effective solution for most major payment devices that provides UVC disinfection between users with no damage to device
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myPOS Black Combo Card Reader


Combo myPOS Black Combo This portable credit card reader is suitable for small and medium businesses that would like to print physical receipts: all kinds of shops, bars and restaurants, workshops, taxis, barber shops, family hotels etc.

£225.06 Exc VAT

myPOS Go Card Reader


This little machine would be very convenient if you're a Taxi driver or operate in another industry which requires you to be mobile - travelling merchants, agents and sales representatives on the move.

£26.21 Exc VAT

myPOS Red Smart N5 Card Reader


The advantages of an Android OS and being handheld this POS terminal is suitable for: hotels, restaurants, drivers and delivery businesses, retail stores and businesses that sell either in-store or online.


£315.45 Exc VAT

Powered by Apple VAS and Google Smart Tap Technology.

ID TECH’s latest NFC innovation will be perfect for merchants’ evolving brands. The PiP allows you to redeem rewards, centralize your loyalty programs, access sporting events and concerts, and much more!

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< 1 > 5 Results