Take charge of inventory and increase profitability

Workcloud Inventory Visibility

Use this platform to perform your own physical inventory counts. Move away from third-party services and achieve a 25-50% in cost savings. With guidance through every step of the way easily plan and execute more accurately. 

Retailers need more accurate inventory visibility to be able to navigate rising costs, unreliable third-party vendors that may usually carry these operations out and supply chain instability. Gain back control of your workspace with a self-scan inventory solution that increases visibility and accuracy across stores.

  • Utilise your own team.
  • Perform counts when and how you need them.
  • Depend on expert white glove service at every step.

Zebra Workcloud Inventory Visibility, formerly Smartcount helps to make work easier for all inventory management, store operations and loss prevention teams.

Benefits for all members of the team: Gain Control of Inventory, Streamline Operations, Mitigate Retail Loss

  • Improve Inventory Accuracy – with automated data capture for greater precision.
  • Reduce Costs – eliminate third party fees.
  • Return to Normal Business – Eliminate the need for setup and clean up and allow your employees to focus on exceptional service.
  • Enhance Safety and Security – Make sure your staff feel safe by limiting outside labour.
  • Minimise Loss – Focus on where theft occurs, in which store and location with real-time visibility.
  • Keep the Store Secure – Eliminate security risks by trusting your own teams.

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