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Unattended Payment Devices

Unattended Payment Devices

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This all-in-one terminal welcomes cardholders, accepting any method of electronic payment. It makes it easy for merchants to use value- added business applications. It fits any kiosk, vending machine or other housing for EVA-compliant terminals
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  • Leverage Ingenico unattended solutions to easily integrate cashless payment in your self-service business.

  • Accept all payment means and comply with the latest standards.

  • Cut complexity in payment and security.

  • Address all self-service market segments: Retail, Hospitality, Petrol, Vending and Transportation.

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  • Leverage Ingenico unattended solutions to easily integrate cashless payment in yourself-service business
  • Accept all payment means and comply with the latest standards
  • Cut complexity in payment and security implementation thanks to a full PCI PTS v4 configuration
  • Address all self-service market segments: Retail, Hospitality, Petrol, Transportation and Vending
  • Enable new Low Energy sleep modes with reduced wake-up times
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ID Tech VP3300c Contactless Reader.  EMV L1 / L2, ID Tech Common L2 Kernel, TDES / AES Encryption.  iOS, Android and Windows.  Apple VAS, Google SmartTap.
The P66 is a stylish designed terminal based upon the European Vending Association specification that can be easily integrated into the current machines. The ruggedized terminal is integrated (or placed behind a glass front) in the Vending Machines, which makes it less prone to vandalism as the traditional build-on-top terminals creating a professional and clean look-and-feel.
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Ruggedized and secure configurations, built for outdoor and intensive use cases.

  • Accept all payment types and comply with the latest standards.
  • Fit into any existing kiosk thanks to its dual form factors
  • Prevent vandalism and fraud with this highly secure solution
  • Provide a user-friendly experience anywhere, anytime
  • Address any self-service vertical market
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Standalone terminals:

Self-service terminals that don’t compromise

  • Self/2000

  • Self/4000

  • Self/5000

  • Self 7000 & 8000

Ingenico’s Open/1500 and Open/2500 belong to a new generation of unattended devices.

Perfect for Procedures requiring contactless management (Closed loop, open loop)

The Open/1500 and Open/2500 are part of the OP2GO solution, a unique and innovative payment solution designed for the mass transit market

< 1 > 8 Results