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Zebra PWRS-14000-251R High Power Converter

Quick Specs

.  Forklift Cradle

.  High Voltage DC/DC Power Converter

. Input: 18-75V, 2.4A, Output: 12V, 2.5A

. Compatible with VC6090, MC90XX, MC9190-G, MC92, DS3478, DS3578, DS3678

. Includes fused power cable

. Cannot be used with the VC6096

. Use on electric forklifts with nominal voltage input of 36V, 48V and 60V batteries

. Requires MC9X Forklift DC Power Cable (25-103872-02R) or DS3478/3578 Forklift DC Power Cable (CBL-DC-573A1-01) or DS3678 Fork Lift DC Power Cable (CBL-36-452A-01).

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