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Springcard SpringPark

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Springcard SpringPark wall bracket reader


SpringPark is made up of two parts, a wall bracket reader part intended to be on the PLCs and terminals and a part which is inside these terminals and PLCs.

The front face is waterproof which allows easy implementation on the PLC or terminal. 

This front face is thin but has a ferrite and can therefore be affixed to metal surfaces without disturbing the operation of the antenna. 
Attachment is from the rear using threaded rods.

The front face has bevelled edges to limit any attempt at vandalism. Thanks to these 4 orange LEDs and its buzzer, you can easily check the smooth running of your transactions. 

SpringPark makes using a contactless card as easily as a contact card with a simple and straightforward implementation. 

Quick Specs

· Support most contactless cards, NFC tags, RFID tags at 13.56MHz
· Supports up to 4 reading templates
· SIM / SAM slot for secure transactions
· Integrated Secure Element
· Support NFC smartphone in card emulation mode

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